Tiptree Parish Council

Tiptree Parish Council

Tiptree Parish Council Announcement: COVID 19:

At the Extraordinary meeting of Tiptree Parish Council which took place on the evening of Thursday 19th March, the following decisions were made.  
These were made to follow National Government guidelines on the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect our residents, staff and councillors.

* From the end of the evening of Thursday 19th March 2020 the Community Centre will be closed until further notice. Organisations who have booked any of the halls, will have the option of having the booking fee/deposit refunded or a credit given against future bookings. For further information residents can contact Tiptree Parish Council on 01621 817030.

  • From start of business on Monday 23rd March the parish office will be closed for the foreseeable future and until future notice.
  • The last Parish Council meeting, until National Government advise otherwise, will occur on the evening of Monday 23rd March, when two short meetings will take place to expedite important business and meet our legal requirements. Residents will be advised when the next Parish Council meeting is to take place.
  • From the evening of 23 March, all playgrounds are now shut by Order of HM Government in order to contain the spread of the COVID 19 Virus.
  • We have set up procedures to allow full council business to continue for the foreseeable future and if this changes resident will be advised. You can continue to contact the council via the following channels:
    Telephone:  01621 817030

The council appreciate that this is likely to cause inconvenience however the decisions were made in the interests of all the villagers.

Roger Mannion
Chairman, Tiptree Parish Council

About Tiptree

Tiptree, one of the largest villages in England with a population in excess of 9,000, is situated approximately 10 miles from Colchester, close to the A12 trunk road. It is one of 27 wards administered by Colchester Borough Council. The Parish Council consist of 15 elected Councillors, and a staff of 7 employee’s.

One of our primary tasks is the care of our green spaces. These are the sites that we have ownership (or long leases) on, such as Windmill Green, Grove Road Lake, The Grove Road Playing Fields, Park Lane Nature Reserve, the Memorial Gardens, the Community Hall, our Parish Offices and assorted other sites we are in the process of bringing on board or devolving to the care of others.

Mission Statement To enhance the quality of life for the community of Tiptree, maintain the village identity and encourage a community spirit