Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

The plan is viewed by following the link: (Tiptree NHP – Reg16 Edn)

The Strategic Environmental Assessment is closely associated with this plan.  To view the SEA, please click here : Tiptree NP SEA Report Reg 16a

Tiptree has now reached the stage of Regulation 16 in the making of the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan, in that the plan has now been submitted to Colchester Borough Council, and it is for them to now run their own Consultation. The Regulation 16 Consultation will be advertised on the Colchester Borough Council website : https://www.colchester.gov.uk/info/cbc-article/?catid=neighbourhood-planning&id=KA-01416 . The date of the commencement of the consultation is Monday 22 June, and will run until Monday 10 August 2020.

Regulation 16: Where the submitted plan and all supporting detail is provided to CBC for their own consultation period on the plan. Once completed, the borough Council votes on accepting the plan and forwards to the Inspectorate.

Regulation 18 : The plan is inspected by an approved Planning Inspector – If the plan is accepted, it is presented to the Parish in the form of a vote either in favour of accepting or rejecting the Neighbourhood Plan. The voter finalises the process to either “Make” or “Reject” the plan

How to contact us about the Neighbourhood Plan:

The chairman of the Steering Group is:
Cllr J Greenwood (greenwoodJ@tiptreeparishcouncil.gov.uk)

The secretary for the Neighbourhood Plan is:
Julie Webster (nptiptree@btconnect.com)

The Plan is run from the Parish Council Offices in Mynott Court:
2 Mynott Court, Church Rd, Tiptree CO5 0UP
Tel: 01621 817030