All Council and Committee meetings are held in the Mike Robinson Meeting Room, Tiptree Community Centre, 1a Caxton Close, Tiptree, CO5 0HA

For a list of dates and times of Full Council and Committee meetings please click HERE

All Council meetings are open to the public and agendas are displayed on the Council noticeboards in advance of the meetings. Members of the public can address the Council at the start of the meeting on any item appearing on the agenda, except on 'open' session - normally 4th Monday - when any topic can be raised.

Chairman - Cllr Roger Mannion

Vice Chairman - Cllr Mick Maund

Clerk - Miss Ann Wood


Tiptree Parish Council has 4 committees as follows:

Amenities Committee - to provide leisure facilities for the community, to improve the outlook of Tiptree and to provide amenities such as seats, bus shelters etc.

Cllr Diana Webb (Chairman), Cllr Roger Mannion (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Barbara Wood, Jonathan Greenwood and Dianne Coe

Highways, Street Lighting and Footpaths Committee - aiming to oversee that state of the highways, public footpath system and street lighting in Tiptree and ensuring that faults are directed to the appropriate authority.

Cllr Nick Mattinson (Chairman), Cllr Rhys Smithson (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Colin Bigg, Mrs Barbara Wood, Mrs Sue Allen-Shepherd and Rhys Smithson

Planning Committee – to consider planning applications and make recommendations to Colchester Borough Council

Cllr Colin Bigg (Chairman), Cllr Joyce Bunney (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Michael Maund, Diana Webb and Dianne Coe

Policy and Finance Committee - to provide and review council policies and to provide the funds for committees to carry out their services and projects.

Cllr Roger Mannion (Chairman) Michael Maund (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Colin Bigg, Barbara Wood, Dianne Coe, Joyce Bunney and Rhys Smithson


Colchester Borough Councillors:

Cllr John Elliott - contact details - email, telephone - 01621 817234

Cllr Derek Loveland - contact details - e.mail,, telephone 07786321749

Cllr Barbara Wood - contact details - e.mail,, telephone 07375928972


The Parish Council's representative to Colchester Association of Local Councils is Roger Mannion and the representative to Essex Association of Local Councils is Roger Mannion (Deputy - Joyce Bunney). 

A12VTAG Group – Sue Allen-Shepherd.  Geoff Whybrow represents the Parish Council on the Passenger Transport Committee.