Councillor Roger Mannion

Member of Amenities & Highways

Roger Mannion

(2012) I joined the Parish Council in the second quarter 2011. I was encouraged to join the council by my wife who I think was getting fed up with my going on about problems in the village, effectively she said, “put up or shut up”, hence my membership of the council.


My interests are varied including the arts and in particularly the theatre, I enjoy history and am conscious of the lessons that can be learnt (or not) from the past and wish that sometimes these would be applied to our present. I presently tutor history for the WEA. Genealogy is also an interest of mine; I am currently tracing my forebears.


One of my main concerns is about the environment and how we can make improvements to our world within existing constraints, for our children & the future. I have two wonderful grandsons and have lived in Tiptree for just over 6 years – a relative newcomer. Nonetheless I believe that Tiptree is special place to live and wish to help make sure that it continues to be so.