Finance and Policy

Finance and Policy

In order to provide transparency in all that the Council does, there are a number of statutory  requirements that must be met.  Part of this is the Annual Audit of Accounts (Annual Governance and Accountability Return, referred to as the AGAR).  The Council is required to declare their finances at the end of each Financial Year, and that the business has been conducted properly throughout the past year.  Records for the recent past are shown below:

Annual Return for previous year 2018-2109 (current) 

Annual Return for period 2017-2018
Annual Return for period 2016-2017

The following documentation is used extensively by the Council in order to effectively operate:

(1) Standing Orders: Standing Orders are for the conduct and transaction of business at meetings of the council (and any of its committees and sub committees).
(2) Financial Regulations: Financial Regulations are the chief policies which govern the rules of how public expenditure is managed and sets out the roles and responsibilities of both Members and Council Officers.
(3) Grant Policy :  The Grant Policy enables local community and charitable organisations who wish to call upon the Council to provide funding for a local cause understand the process for doing so.  The Form to request a grant is found here:  TPC Grant Application form 2019
(4) Training Policy :  The training policy reflects the councils desire to ensure that all Councillors are trained to deliver the best they can for the council, and likewise, staff are trained to ensure that they can meet and exceed the needs of their role.
(5) TPC Training Log :  The log reflects the training activities of staff and councillor’s alike.