Grove Road Play Equipment Replacement Poll

Grove Road Play Equipment Replacement Poll

Tiptree Parish Council are looking to update some of the older, less used play equipment at Grove Road Playing Field – Specifically, the older purple bar-based equipment (not swings) above the Basketball court.. Tenders have been submitted, and the best 3 responses are now provided below for you, the Tiptree Populace to now vote on and provide input to which solution you would like us to chose.

Once you have reviewed the three options, please choose which of the three is your favourite in this
poll: .
It will take no more than 30 seconds to complete!

Option 1

Your new play area for children aged 12-17 is an exciting, action-packed play
experience for young people playing independently or playing in groups. Your
feature tough trail unit is inspired by the thrilling ninja warrior experience and
created specifically to engage teenage girls and boys. It will tempt teenagers off
today’s tech and give them an interesting alternative to common play/exercises.
The wide variety of challenging ascents, transitions, and descents for the 12+
target group offers progressive play which will build confidence increase social
interaction with other children. The inclusive trampoline is a very popular piece
of play equipment that offers physical, social and sensory play to children of all
abilities. The trampoline, combined with the existing basket swing, create good
integrated inclusive play opportunities within the teen area.
A dynamic cableway completes the exciting area with children able to glide at
speed over a 20m distance!


Option 2:

Having visited the site and possessing a good understanding of what play equipment is on site. Consideration has been given to ensure that we have not duplicated any of the play existing equipment.
We have proposed equipment that will offer excitement and challenge and enhance and complements the area for the intended age populace at the age of 12-17 age group.
Ensuring that any new equipment needs to be installed within a continuous pad of wet pour safer surfacing to allow easy maintenance when mowing and reduce any ground erosion in high wear areas.

Option 3

Introducing an exhilarating and innovative play and fitness initiative that will redefine your active lifestyle!

Our cutting-edge project boasts an electrifying Ninja Trial that promises to push your limits. With daring elements like monkey bars and slanting steps, participants will experience the ultimate challenge. But that’s not all – inclusivity is key. Our wheelchair-accessible trampoline ensures that everyone can bounce into action.

The excitement continues with a range of activities for all interests. Engage in thrilling table tennis matches that will test your reflexes. Explore our novel fitness zone, complete with a calisthenics rig for bodyweight exercises, a spinning bike for cardio enthusiasts, and an arm wheel for comprehensive strength training.

This project isn’t just about breaking a sweat; it’s about embracing a dynamic lifestyle where fun and fitness intertwine. Get ready to unleash your inner ninja, conquer challenges, and embark on a journey of holistic well-being!

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