Memorial Garden Rules & Regulations

Memorial Garden Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations for the Management
of the Memorial Garden

A picture of the Memorial Garden, with Gazebo at the forefront

Rules and regulations for the management of the Memorial Garden are necessary to maintain it as a fitting memorial and to show respect for its purpose.


Tiptree Memorial Garden is located on Chapel Lane, off Newbridge Road adjacent to Tiptree United Reform Church.

Map showing location Of Memorial Garden
Map showing location Of Memorial Garden

Tiptree Memorial Garden is available for the scattering or interment of cremated human remains and for the provision of memorials.

All interment plots are marked with a numbered disc.  A single stem flower holder can be added to the plot if desired. In addition, there is a memorial plaque available:

  • Inscribed plaque fixed to the red brick wall by the gazebo.  Memorial plaques (200mm x 150mm) are available from the current preferred supplier of Tiptree Parish Council (details available from the Council office) and will be fixed by Tiptree Parish Council.

If you would like more information or wish to discuss your requirements, please contact Tiptree Parish Council:

Opening hours of the Memorial Garden

1st April to 30th September
Monday to Friday                                  9.00am to 4.30pm
Weekends and bank holidays            10.00am to 4.30pm

1st October to 31st March
Monday to Friday                                  9.00am to 3.30pm
Weekends and bank holidays            10.00am to 3.30pm

These times are subject to change without notice. For current information on opening times, check with the Parish Council office or visit

There is limited parking on-site available during the opening hours. The latest time of entry for vehicles is half an hour before closing time. Any vehicles remaining at closing time are liable to be locked in.

There is good access to the memorial wall and raised bed interment areas but the grassed and scattering areas may not be accessible to people with mobility difficulties. Care should be taken at all times.

Please note that it is not recommended to enter the Memorial Garden at dusk as it is unlit.

Scattering and Interments

The Memorial Garden is available for the scattering and interment of cremated human remains. Scattering of cremated remains next to a particular bush, tree etc. or in a specific place does not confer any rights in respect of the planting or the place. The planting remains at all times the property of the Parish Council.

No scattering or interment of cremated remains may take place without the knowledge and consent of the Council and must be at the specified position.

Cremated remains may not be interred within any type of container whatsoever. Interment sites in the raised beds are marked with a numbered disc.  A single stem flower holder can be added to the plot if desired.

Cremated remains can only be scattered in the designated areas.

Scatterings or interments are carried out at a time arranged with the Council. The times at which scatterings or interments take place may be restricted.

The period of notice required for carrying out a scattering or an interment is seven working days.

All scatterings and interments will be attended by a representative of the Council. Cremated remains cannot be recovered once scattered or interred.


Memorials are provided by means of a plaque affixed to one of the memorial walls, and by whatever other means the Council may decide in future.

All memorials must be arranged through the Council office who will provide the name of the Council’s preferred supplier.  The memorial will subsequently be fixed by the Council.

The Council reserves the right to refuse any inscription which in its opinion is deemed unsuitable. If the inscription is not in English, an English translation must accompany the application.

The Council does not accept any responsibility for the theft of, damage to or deterioration of the plaque.

The right to affix a memorial plaque to the wall is granted for a period of thirty years in line with the Exclusive Rights of Burial term.  This period applies to both interments and scatterings.  Requests for display a plaque only (without and interment or scattering) on the wall will incur the affixing fee and will be granted for an initial period of 5 years.

Renewal can be made prior to the expiry of the periods above on payment of the appropriate fee at the time.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to make application for renewal three months before the expiry date.

If the right to affix a memorial is not renewed, then the plaque will be removed from the Memorial Garden and retained in the office for three months and may be claimed during this time. If not claimed, it will be disposed of.

Any unauthorised memorials will be removed, and the cost of removal recovered from the person responsible.

Religions and Creeds

The Memorial Garden is available for use by followers of any religion or creed, or of no religion or creed. No part of the site shall be consecrated or dedicated for sole use of any specific group.

Any form of ceremony or religious service may be conducted at the time of the scattering or interment of the cremated remains and may include blessing or dedication of the ground into which the remains are interred. Any such ceremony must be led by a suitable person and must be conducted in an orderly and respectful manner. It may not exceed 20 minutes in length.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to make arrangements for any specific service required, attendance of a minister of religion etc.


Applications for scattering or interment and memorials must be made on the appropriate form and must be accompanied by the fee payable. All details on the form must be completed.

TPC Ashes Interment Application form
TPC Ashes Scattering Application form

All correspondence will be made with the applicant named on the form. The Parish Council will not act on any instructions from third parties unless the named applicant gives written permission or a Power of Attorney is held.

Prior to the scattering or interment, the cremated remains, together with the Certificate of Cremation, may be stored by a funeral director or the applicant.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the cremated remains are available and that the Certificate of Cremation is with the Tiptree Parish Council office at least five clear working days prior to the interment.

Register and Records

 The Parish Council Clerk is the Registrar.

The Register of Scattering or Interment may be inspected free of charge at the Parish Council office during office hours.

The Council may charge a fee to carry out searches and for the provision of copies of entries in the Register. A scale of current fees may be obtained from the Council office.

Owners of memorials should ensure that any change of address is notified to the Parish Council so that up-to-date records are maintained.

Environment of the Memorial Garden

Unauthorised planting of bulbs, seeds, shrubs, trees or any kind of plant whatsoever is strictly prohibited within the Memorial Garden.

No stake, slip, tube etc. of any material, memento or any other item of any sort may be attached to or placed on any part of the Memorial Garden, including the wall, paved area, benches, trees etc.

Wreaths, plants, wind chimes, solar lights etc. may not be placed in the Memorial Garden; any that are left will be removed and disposed of.

Natural flowers may be placed in the requested single stem flower holder at the interment site. These will be cleared away after 7 days. Artificial flowers may be placed in the requested single stem flower holder but will be removed once they become weather damaged.

Small natural sprays or fresh flowers (not in a container) may be left in front of the Memorial Wall and will be removed after a period of 7 days.  No vases, containers, jars, bottles, other receptacles or mementos are permitted within any area of the Garden.  The exception to this is the flower holders provided by the Parish Council at the interment sites and the wooden flower holder at the base of the Memorial Wall, located beneath the most recent memorial plaques.

It is not possible to reserve a particular site at the base of the wall – under a particular plaque for example. Only Parish Council staff may relocate tributes against the wall and this may be necessary from time to time.

To protect the environment please remove all single use plastic when leaving tributes within the garden.

Any unauthorised items in the Memorial Garden will be removed and, if not claimed by the owner, will be disposed of after a period of one month.

Reviewed by Council May 2022.