Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan


Regulation 14 Public Consultation

The draft Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan has now been published and will undergo a period of public consultation from midday Friday 11th March until midnight on Sunday 1st May 2022.

This is your opportunity to have your say and we would love to hear your views.

Following consultation the plan will be modified as appropriate and then submitted to Colchester Borough Council for a final consultation and examination.  If it passes the examination it will be subject to a referendum and if a majority of local people are in favour, it will then be adopted as part of the Colchester Local Plan.  In this respect it will shape the development of Tiptree until 2033 and will protect Tiptree from speculative planning proposals and appeals.

How to Respond

Please respond to the draft Neighbourhood Plan online if you can – it will greatly speed up our ability to process the data. Please read the plan below before you respond.

Click the link here:ONLINE RESPONSE
Although the online consultation is an easy process to follow, we would suggest you use the ‘save and continue later’ feature that can be found at the bottom of each page once you have completed a few pages in case your internet connection is interrupted.

Click the links to open or download the following documents:

The Neighbourhood Plan

The Consultation Response Form   For those who cannot reply online

The Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report

The Strategic Environmental Report (SEA) – Environmental Report 220311

Tiptree NP HRA Screening Tiptree March 2022

Further, supplementary documents

Exhibitions where you can ask questions and find out more will be held in Tiptree Community Centre on Wednesday 16th March 5 to 8pm and Saturday 19th March 10am to 1pm.

How to Respond

Please respond to the draft Neighbourhood Plan online if you can – it will greatly speed up our ability to process the data.

Click the link here: ONLINE RESPONSE

If you are unable to respond online, please fill in a paper response form and return it in the envelope provided to the Parish Council Office at 56 Church Road, CO5 0SU by Sunday 1st May.

To respond to the Strategic Environmental Assessment or any of the additional, supplementary documents, please write to the Parish Council at the above address or email nptiptree@btconnect.com

Remember you must respond by 1st May 2022

How to contact us about the Neighbourhood Plan:
The meeting schedule for 2021 is available here Tiptree NP Meetings 2022 schedule

The chairman of the Steering Group is:
Cllr J Greenwood (greenwoodJ@tiptreeparishcouncil.gov.uk)

The secretary for the Neighbourhood Plan is:
Julie Webster (nptiptree@btconnect.com)

The Plan is run from the Parish Council Offices at 56 Church Rd, Tiptree CO5 0SU
Tel: 01621 817030