In order to provide transparency in all that the Council does, there are a number of statutory  requirements that must be met.  Part of this is the Annual Audit of Accounts (Annual Governance and Accountability Return, referred to as the AGAR).  The Council is required to declare their finances at the end of each Financial Year, and that the business has been conducted properly throughout the past year.  Current Year Audit: 

Previous Years Audit:
Notice of Conclusion of Audit and Annual Return 2022-2023
Annual Return for period 2021-2022
Annual Return for Period 2020-2021 
Annual return for period 2019-2020
Annual Return for period 2018-2019  
Annual Return for period 2017-2018
Annual Return for period 2016-2017

The following documentation is used extensively by the Council in order to effectively operate:

Payments made for £500 or over : Parish Councils affected by the new Transparency Code rules now have to provide a list of payments made for all payments of £500 and over (excluding payroll information). To comply with the code a separate list has to be provided for larger items of expenditure. The link below opens the table of payments made over £500. Payments over £500 for Financial Year 2022/2023 ex VAT, HMRC,Salaries and pensions.

2023-24 Payments over 500