Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

The plan is viewed by following the link: (Tiptree NHP – Reg16 Edn)

The Strategic Environmental Assessment is closely associated with this plan.  To view the SEA, please click here : Tiptree NP SEA Report Reg 16a

Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan completed Regulation 16 consultation in August and subsequently underwent examination.  Following a lengthy process we are now in possession of the examiner’s final report.

It is with great disappointment that we have to inform you that the Examiner has recommended that we do not proceed to referendum. This has been ratified by Colchester Borough Council at their meeting on 14 December 2020. The CBC Decision statement is available on our website here.

The main issue for the examiner was our proposed route through land that lies within Messing Parish but he has also expressed concern about our spatial strategy and the SEA process.  Following a fact checking exercise many of the examiner’s objections were withdrawn from his main conclusions (section 5) but continue to persist in other parts of the report.  This has led to some ambiguity hence the accompanying statement produced jointly by Colchester Borough Council and Tiptree Parish Council. 

Colchester Borough Council’s Local Plan Committee will consider a report on 14th December 2020 highlighting the way forward for Tiptree and following that, the Examiner’s Report will be formally published together with a joint statement on behalf of CBC and TPC and the Decision Statement (that is whether or not to accept the examiner’s recommendations).  However the Examiner’s Report will enter the public domain when the Local Plan Committee agenda becomes available on the CBC website midday on Thursday 3rd and we are posting this message here to coincide with its appearance on the CBC website.  Links to the Examiner’s Report and the joint statement are provided here and these documents are provided for information only at this time.

Despite the disappointment, Tiptree Parish Council is committed to completing a revised Neighbourhood Plan as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We wish to take note of the examiners comments and continue with a revised plan. This will entail recommencing work at an earlier stage in the Neighbourhood Plan process and more work for us all in the future.  We are hugely grateful for the support given to us by the community throughout the Neighbourhood Plan process and hope that you will continue to help us bring it to completion.

How to contact us about the Neighbourhood Plan:
The meeting schedule for 2021 is available here Tiptree NP Meetings 2021 publicised schedule.

The chairman of the Steering Group is:
Cllr J Greenwood (greenwoodJ@tiptreeparishcouncil.gov.uk)

The secretary for the Neighbourhood Plan is:
Julie Webster (nptiptree@btconnect.com)

The Plan is run from the Parish Council Offices in Mynott Court:
2 Mynott Court, Church Rd, Tiptree CO5 0UP
Tel: 01621 817030